Last Expense Cover

We all fear death and only few people can think about planning for their demise.

The cost of funerals depends on so many things but irrespective of anything families still incur costs and thus can place some financial strain on the people left behind.

Death is inevitable and most times we are not always prepared for it  but Some of our Traditions dictate it a taboo to even think of one’s death and on the other hand the costs and expenses that people incur after the loss of loved ones still shock a lot of people in our country.

Planning for one’s last expenses should not be considered taboo. Just the same way we insure our properties; we should protect our families from the financial burden occasioned by death.

Octagon Insurance Brokers Ltd has a unique product meant for families to give them peace of mind and the support they need to pull through the pain of sudden loss of a loved one, the product known as Easy Cover, covers the principal member, spouse, Children, Parents and Parents in Law.

The cover is great for individuals or for groups and even corporate.

 All claims are settled within 48 hours to allow clients or any of the dependants under this last expense cover to have a decent send off without resorting to stressful fund raising efforts.

The Benefits are between Ksh. 50,000- 200,000 depending on the cover option selected

By visiting Octagon Africa Site ( )one can easily enroll for Easy Cover and give themselves  and their relatives peace of mind knowing that their loved one can be buried with the dignity and respect that they deserve.

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