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We provide a wide range of actuarial services to the financial service sector with a focus on retirement benefit schemes.

Octagon Actuaries

We are a team of qualified actuaries and analysts with a diverse range of local and international experience in retirement benefit schemes and the social security sector.

Our products and services include

The aim of an IPS is to set out the scheme’s investment goals and strategies that will serve as guideposts for managing the scheme’s assets. This is a trustees’ document. We come in to draft the document and confirm with the trustees whether the goals set in this document are reflective of the scheme’s investment objectives.

The aim of an actuarial valuation is to compare the assets and liabilities of a defined benefit pension scheme. This informs the trustees on the funding adequacy of the pension scheme.

For a defined contribution scheme, it is important that the individual data on contributions, interest earned and withdrawals be correct. We ensure that the scheme records are correct and interest distributed is as per the accounts.

Companies without pension schemes or with employees on contract are required by law to make gratuity arrangements. This requires that for their year-end financial statements, a liability be recorded in respect of employee gratuity benefits in accordance with International Accounting Standards 19 (IAS 19). We offer services of valuing the accrued liability on the gratuity arrangement and prepare disclosures based on the result of the valuation.

Trustees of pension schemes require to monitor progress being made by their investment manager on a regular basis. We offer services that give an insight on the performance of the investment manager in comparison to the scheme’s investment objectives set out in the Investment Policy Statement by:

  1. Preparing an analysis of returns vis-a-vis the benchmarks
  2. Independent verification checks on returns reported by investment manager.
  3. Attribution analysis gives insights on the performance drivers for the various asset classes.
  4. Undertaking research on alternative investment opportunities for pension schemes; and
  5. Cashflow projections to ensure liquidity needs for the pension scheme are met.

Every quarter, we generate a report on how pension scheme’s investments have performed over the period in comparison to the local market. We also provide an analysis on local verses global performance of pension schemes’ investments. This document provides an overview to the Trustees and the scheme on what their positioning is in the local and global market.

Our target market

Our main target market is the financial services sector with a key focus on pension schemes.  We believe the diverse expertise, experience, and qualifications in the actuarial arm of the business allows us to utilize a unique set of skills to bridge the gap that requires the same.

Our ambition is to be the preferred actuarial consultant in the East African region for tailored actuarial consultancy solutions.

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