Octagon Africa has thrived on technology through the development of an internal system of administration known as the Octagon Pension Administration System. This is an online platform and a first of its kind system that provides superior administrative capability and functionality and creates convenience for the end-users. The system currently serves over 90,000 members in Kenya, Uganda and Zambia.

With a young and agile team, Octagon Africa is constantly developing new, convenient and flexible ways for clients and non-clients alike to better understand and access pension services.

Over the last 15 years, leveraging on technology has seen Octagon Africa not only accelerate growth and bring innovation on board but also serve clients with a passion. When an organization harnesses the power of technology, the investments pay off in an exponential return.


Our I.T system is very robust and versatile and has an interactive platform with our members, Trusteeses, and Service Providers at the same time while guaranteeing security of information. Octagon Pension Administration System is built on open standard-based technology platform with advanced security and privacy features with widespread adoption and provides a modern, imitative, and browser-based- based user interface that delivers a fast and responsive user experience

Customization Capability

The unique nature of Schemes requires tailor-made solutions. OPAS development was cognisant of this and therefore allows for tailor-made access, functionality, and reporting to the various funds under administration.  However, the fundamentals of administration processes are consistent with international best practices.

Interfacing Capability

There are various stakeholders of a scheme, and a seamless process of interaction is a MUST for the efficient running of the operational and stakeholder engagement. OPAS development was focused on strengthening the engagement platforms and ensuring integration of the various units and service partners.


When communication is effective, it leaves all parties involved satisfied and feeling accomplished. By delivering information clearly and in a timely manner, there is little room for misunderstanding or alteration of messages.


At Octagon Africa we believe communication is key in meeting our clients’ needs and we have invested in rapid, secure, and user-friendly platforms to enable seamless interactions with our clients.