Octagon Africa


Trustee and Management Trainings

Octagon Africa believes in sharing knowledge and experience. Over the years, the company has shared its rich knowledge in pension management, among its othe offerings. To bolster this, we are pleased to invite you to the benefit from our Trustees and Management Training Series. Trustees or professionals involved in management or liason on retirement benefits definitely need sound understanding of pension scheme operations and to always keep abreast of new trends or regulations that affect the running of schemes. This way, they manage and govern pension schemes better. Trustees ought to be adequately knowleadgeable on:

  • Knowledge of the laws relating to pensions,
  • Investment of scheme assets,
  • Their own scheme-related documents,
  • Risk and strategic management aspects relating to the scheme,
  • Member educations e.g. Financial and Retirement planning or options available to members,
  • And other policy developments that may affect how they carry out their responsibilities

octagon through the Trustee and Management training provides support and guidance on the above highlighted areas not only to the Trustees but also to the individuals handling matters related to retirement benefits.

Soft Skills Trainings

Our soft skills training programs on customer service, communication skills and marketing are also carefully designed and based on a customized approach that combines deep insight into the dynamic working environment. This tailored programs equip trainees with the necessary skills and knowledge needed to increase employee performance, satisfaction and overall organizational effectiveness.

We have periodic and customized training series with a mix of basic, intermediate and advanced topics that take into consideration the training and development needs of individuals and organizations.

In-House and Open Courses

The following programmes can be arranged anytime for company specific needs and customized for the particular organizations:

  1. Pre-retirement training
  2. Mid-career financial planning training
  3. Managing first cheque (suited for career start-ups)
  4. Finance for non Finance Managers
  5. Corporate tax planning seminar
  6. Labor laws and compliance training
  7. Benefit and compensation management
  8. Strategic plans for organizations
  9. High impact sales and marketing training
  10. Stellar customer services
  11. Presentation and business communication training

Our Facilitators

We have a pool of highly skilled, knowledgeable and well experienced offering quality training.

Benefits of Octagon Trustee trainers and Management Training

  1. Flexible training schedules i.e. Choice of Full day course, 2 day courses and half day courses.
  2. NITA registered and certified
  3. Interactive sessions with the trainers
  4. Scheme specific courses/ in house training on request
  5. Courses run on a monthly basis or in-house trainings on clients’s requests
  6. Participants are issued with certificate of participation
  7. 5% special discount on registering 2 or more participants

Trustee and management Training Delegate Feedback

In the last five years, Octagon has provided training to more than 2800 Trustees and members and here is what some of them have said about the courses.

  • “Very engaging espcially through group work and questions I am better than I was before the training”
  • “learned quite a lot that I will now put in practice”
  • Facilitators well conversant and adequately prepared for the training”
  • “Excellent presentation, it met my expectations”
  • “Very interacive section that kept me on toes”