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Why is Final Expense Life Insurance Important?


Funeral word cloud concept. Vector illustrationLosing a loved one is an extremely difficult experience. Picking up the pieces while dealing with the accompanying emotions can be stressful. There are also many expenses associated with death that can, on average, exceed Ksh 100,000.

Without support, most families have a hard time coming up with these funds quickly. Octagon Last Respects Easy Cover can save families from having to withdraw from their savings or sell precious assets to come up with the necessary funds required to bury a loved one.

While most people don’t like to talk about end-of-life issues, it is important to plan for them. Expenses associated with death, such as caskets and embalming, can have a substantial financial impact on those you love. Octagon  Last Respects Easy Cover can help protect your loved ones from having to pay these costs out of pocket.

In 2015, the average funeral exceeded Ksh 100,000. In most cases, a basic funeral service will include a memorial, death certificates for the deceased, and housing the remains. In addition to those costs, there are also charges involved for goods and services, such as transportation, preparation and embalming, use of the funeral home, a casket and headstone, a burial plot, gravesite, the burial service or alternatively, cremation. There may also be additional costs, such as flowers and the printing of memorial cards.

Purchasing Octagon Last Respects Easy Cover is easy.  We offer two options;

Option             Premium Per Family Per Annum

Option A                                  Ksh. 5,000

Option B                                  KSh. 3,000

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  • February 28, 2017

    I agree that funerals are hard enough that dealing with all of the other legal aspects after a death can be a headache. I agree that it is important to plan for things that can happen at the end of your life to make sure that you are prepared. I had no idea that funerals were so expensive, but now that I know I will make sure to plan for the funeral of my wife and I. That way my family won’t have to deal with it.

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