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Great retirement destinations around the world II


Last week, we looked at 5 of 10 great retirement destinations around the world. Her are the other five.

  1. Abidjan, Ivory Coast

Why not retire to the former capital of the Ivory Coast, Abidjan? The country’s largest city is home to both a lively commercial district – the Plateau – and a more traditional, older area – Treichville – both of which boast bars, restaurants and markets, as well as museums, monuments and theaters. The city has a multitude of health centers, pharmacies and specialist clinics to cater to any health needs, whilst real estate prices are reasonable and affordable.

Ivory Cost

Source: Flickr, United Nations Photo
  1. Bandarawela, Sri Lanka

Relocate to Bandarawela and spend your Sundays exploring the town’s lively markets. The picturesque town is home to two stunning waterfalls, the Rawana Ella and Diyaluma, as well as tea plantations. Thanks to its beautiful views and cool, calm climate, Bandarawela is the perfect location to relax. Less than 200 kilometers from the capital cities of Colombo and Kandy, Bandarawela is well connected to explore the rest of the Island.

Sri Lanka
Source: Flickr, Xavier LECOMTE
  1. Tangier, Morocco

Morocco has many beautiful cities on offer, such as Marrakesh and Casablanca, however with its mixture of old, traditional architecture and new, modern city, Tangier is a great choice for retirement. The low cost of living, together with the agreeable climate, stable government and rich culture, are all prime reasons to relocate to Tangier. Buying or renting property is a simple process in Tangier, with plenty of affordable real estate on offer. What’s more, the quality of medical care is high, and the food is fresh, often organic, and healthy. And if you fancy escaping the city for a break, Spain is just a short ferry ride away.


Source: Flickr, Primeroz
  1. Zanzibar, Tanzania

Follow the winding alleyways, and get lost in the beauty of Zanzibar. If its white sandy beaches, picturesque palm trees and sparkling blue waters don’t make it an ideal location, its tropical forests, mouth-watering cuisine and remote villages certainly do. In addition, property prices and plots of land on the largest of the Spice Islands are affordable, both on the beach and further inland. There is little need for transport on the island, however it is well connected should you want to explore further afield.


Source: IngImage
  1. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Located on the Pacific Ocean’s striking Bahía de Banderas, Puerto Vallarta is a stunning beach resort city. With stretches of white beaches and sparkling water, as well as lush mountains, quaint cobbled streets and chic shops, Vallarta has it all for those looking for a more relaxing way of life. The city brings together the old and the new, combining traditional Mexican crafts, cuisines and architecture with modern restaurants and cafes. What’s more, foreigners are easily able to own real estate with the backing of a local bank, and housing varies from inexpensive and affordable condos on the beach, to the more affluent, luxurious properties, depending on your price range.


Source: IngImage

Well, if you were looking for great places to travel to when you retire (or any other time) now you have 10 destinations to choose from.

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